Power Generation Systems


Velocity Aerospace-NMB is uniquely equipped to handle many of the components that together make up the Power Generation Systems. 
Our 125HP ACL test stand is dedicated to narrow body CSD's and Generators.

Our Avtron 300HP powerhouse is fully computerized and capable of 38,000RPM and 120KVA load, which makes it able to test any IDG from 737-NG to the 777 and the Airbus family.


  • IDG's & CSD's
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Relays
  • Generators
  • APU Generators
  • Generator Control Units
  • Starter Generators

Hydraulic Systems

​The Hydraulic testing lab is comprised of three test stands.  The Skydrol Pump & Engine Driven and the Red Fluid 5606 test stand will meet the needs of all your narrow and wide body hydraulic systems including...


  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Pump & Motor Packages
  • Check & Pressure Valves
  • Power Control Units
  • Rudder Controls
  • Servo Valves
  • Accumulators
  • LG Actuators
  • Cylinders

Pneumatic Systems

Our Pneumatic test stands in conjunction with the pressure vessels allow us to deliver the required air flow and heated temperatures to simulate the functionality of each component.


  • Starter Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Shut-Off Valves
  • Anti-Ice Valves

Starter, ACM and PDU Systems

With the massive capacity of air that our pressure vessels contain, we are easily able to achieve the required parameters set forth by the OEM to test all types of starters, ACM's and PDU's.  The fully computerized, data acquisition equipped test stands measure precise OEM requirements.


  • Narrow Body Starters
  • Narrow Body ACM's
  • Wide Body Starters
  • Wide Body ACM's
  • Pneumatic Drive Units
  • Center Drive Units
  • Turbo Fans

Electromechanical Systems

Our electromechanical shop can test virtually any rotary and linear mechanical actuator.  Our state of the art actuator test stand delivers over 47,000 lbs of retracting and extending pressure to ensure that the rigors of real world use are simulated.  With the most modern electrical test equipment available.


  • Rotary Actuators
  • Linear Actuators
  • Temperature Switches
  • Pressure Switches
  • Vaneaxial Fans
  • Mixed Flow Fans
  • Sensors

Support Systems

​Our Support shops are fully tooled with equipment to ensure that we can handle all rework repairs in-house.  This combined with our in-house NDI capabilities and Engineering Department, saves our customers both time and money.  Our people are focused on a commitment to precision repairs and dedicated above all to quality.  This dedication has made us stand out in the industry by significantly reducing turn times and maximizing component reliability. 


  • Machining
  • Cleaning/Painting
  • Magnaflux Inspections
  • Penetrant Inspections
  • Computer-Aided Designs
  • Medium Blasting

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